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[audio]Jukebox radio, Jordbro - Leif
Blandad musikmix fm 94,5 mhz. Musik att minnas, Music to remember
Keywords: Musik
Downloads: 37
[audio]Radio nord story mixed - Leif
The story of Radio Nord
Keywords: Radio
Downloads: 35
[audio]I väntan på brevbäraren - Leif
pop music
Keywords: indie
Downloads: 837
[audio]Jukebox Radio, Jordbro - Leif
Instrumental mix music
Keywords: Music
Downloads: 129
[audio]Leif - 'Your Call Will Be Answered Shortly' - Leif
'Your Call Will Be Answered Shortly' Leif TFN006 This free-netlabel treat runs alongside Leif's recent 12" Vinyl release - "Customer Services" EP. combined they show a cross-section of some of Leif's handywork over the last few months; ranging from phat chunky grooves to gentle dubby warmth. Enjoy :) 01. Press 1 for sales 02. Press 2 for customer services 03. Press 3 for accountswww.trimsound.co.uk
Keywords: trimsound; leif; tfn006
Downloads: 3,865
[audio]Leif - "Moonlight Dub EP" [txtn011] - Leif
Inbetween the missionary work to convert our esteemed vinyl artists to contribute to the brave new world of online publishing, Textone is always more than happy to discover and introduce talented new faces. The latest member of the Textone collective, 21-year old Leif, has already turned some heads in the UK with first his output, but has thus far remained relatively obscure on the continental side of Europe...
Keywords: Textone; Dubhouse; Techhouse
Downloads: 5,026 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Leif_DJ_mix_march2007 - Leif
Leif (Trimsound) Deep/Minimal/House/Techno DJ Mix March 2007
Keywords: leif; trimsound; dj mix; minimal house
Downloads: 510
[movies]Let's Play Paper Mario RAW MageLeif - Leif Coleman
This archive is used to store Let's Play videos for commentary.
Keywords: Let's; Play; Paper; Mario; RAW; MageLeif
Downloads: 9
[audio]1 AAAA Leif R 88 December Hela Programmet, Del 2 - Leif Lundvall
Leif Lundvall Radio 88 December 2013 timme 2
Keywords: radio 88; leif lundvall
Downloads: 5
[audio]sensorintercept_marks9..19 (non-synced time-lapses) - leif BRUSH
At this 80s Forest Terrain Instrument listening site, all 5 inch speakers and aluminum tubing were recycled for a totally different analog-collecting challenge: integrate terrestrial contexts. Four mics (2-AKG C414 B-ULS; 2-SHURE 635s) were used. The TEAC A3440 four track reel-to-reel playback w/amped-output allowed up to 5 "record/playback planes". Using headphones, re-recordings based on previous tracks encouraged self-accompaniment and second-thought reflections RE nature...
Keywords: teleSUONOquad; analog sensors; Hexagram; Meadow Piano; Windscube; WINDRIBBON
Downloads: 35
[audio]1 AAAA Leif R 88 December Hela Programmet, Del 1 - Leif Lundvall
Leif Lundvall Radio 88 December 2013 timme 1
Keywords: Radio 88; Leif Lundvall
Downloads: 14
[audio]Teleconstructs_Spacework_II c.1983 - leif BRUSH
Terrain Instrument WINDRIBBON vibratory and punctuated ruffling happens and is eventually joined by insect collisions, squirrel chattering spills down tree bark transferring onto this 1/2 inch brass ribbon-stretched 200 feet from tree-to-tree. From hear on through- approximately 58 minutes:42 seconds- personal intercession occurs; however, vibrations abound: trees, wind, improvisations using tree branches, insects, particulates and unexpected collisions or wind gustiness...
Keywords: teleconstructs spacework; Clarke Belt satellites; windribboning; Microflown; windribbon; accelerometer; terrain Instruments; FLAG global network; Shadow electronics
Downloads: 21
[audio]windribboning: conjoining realtime waves - leif BRUSH
>>this Nagra fulltrack windribboning recorded process includes direct-contact from pre-recorded sound inputing pairs of Shadow sensors attached-with beeswax-to surfaces at both ends of a 200 foot long metal windribbon; inputs included human and other Terrain Instruments in the same locale, bird, human voiced sources and originating from Philips cassette tracks http://www.d.umn.edu/~lbrush/lbarchivesf1.html#anchor1223493 Aspects of the terrain instruments â Leif Brush (refer http://www.d.umn/Use...
Keywords: Terrain Instruments; analog; nature; wind; windribboning; beat frequencies; wind perturbations; windribbon; soundworks
Downloads: 30
[unknown]Romanssi / Ramona - Leif Wager

Downloads: 13
[texts]Colour Reconnections and Rapidity Gaps - Leif Lonnblad
The success of recently proposed models for describing rapidity-gap events in DIS at HERA, in terms additional colour exchange between the struck system and the proton remnant in boson-gluon fusion events, are found to rely heavily on the absence or artificial suppression of perturbative gluon emission in the forward region. A model without such suppression is presented, which cannot describe the rapidity-gap events without a pomeron-inspired mechanism.
Downloads: 3
[audio]Podcast Two By Leif - Leif Gregersen
This is the story of my first adventure outside of my home province of Alberta.  It is my second podcast and is available to all for free.
Keywords: mental health; hitch-hiking; highway; Hope; Rambo; Hostel; shelter; welfare; military
Downloads: 8
[audio]Valhalla Books Podcast Three - Leif Gregersen
This is a day in the life of an author of two books, "Green Mountain Road" and "Through The Withering Storm".  I talk about book signings, people you meet, and my experiences that made me want to convert to Catholicism.
Keywords: priest; sacred heart; church; conversations; holy spirit
Downloads: 27
[audio]Podcast Two By Leif - Leif Gregersen
This second podcast is for my website, www.valhallabooks.com and is the story of the first time I struck out on my own and travelled to BC and back
Keywords: hitch-hiking; hostel; homeless; highway; Vancouver; Coast; Welfare
Downloads: 14
[texts]Fooling Around with the Sudakov Veto Algorithm - Leif Lonnblad
The Sudakov veto algorithm for generating emission and no-emission probabilities in parton showers is revisited and some reweighting techniques are suggested to improve statistics by oversampling in specific cases.
[texts]Geomagnetic Semiannual Variation Is Not Overestimated and Is Not an Artifact of Systematic Solar Hemispheric Asymmetry - Leif Svalgaard
Mursula et al. [2011] (MTL11) suggest that there is a 22-year variation in solar wind activity that coupled with the variation in heliographic latitude of the Earth during the year, gives rise to an apparent semiannual variation of geomagnetic activity in averages obtained over several solar cycles. They conclude that the observed semiannual variation is seriously overestimated and is largely an artifact of this inferred 22-year variation...
Downloads: 1
[audio]Earth-Star-Songs, ++ - leif BRUSH
Wind-as-main-trigger affected aspects of nearby trees during the 60s-90s simultaneously with leif BRUSH's solar powered terrestrial Terrain Instrument constructions- equipped for multiple monitorings from all local analog vibrations via pre-amped sensor output varieties- and were combined with the Jerry Chamkis synthesizer and Kosmophone; multiple year recordings are layered using these sound sources and the master 12-inch reel was released, full version -this copy, on two tracks in 2005; howeve...
Keywords: Terrain Instruments; Kosmophone; Microflown; strain gauge; triaxial accelerometer; soundworks; Interpolation
Downloads: 71
[audio]Gustaf Egerstam Orch, V=Teddy Leif - Red sails in the Sunset - Teddy Leif
Free music MP3. Record noises have been reduced.
Keywords: Big Band; Orchestra
Downloads: 50
[audio]Leif's Podcast One - Leif Gregersen
this is my first attempt at setting up a podcast.  I talk about my book, "Through The Withering Storm" and mention my website, valhallabooks.com
Keywords: mental health; bipolar; cadet; flying; writing
Downloads: 8
[texts]The Colour-Dipole model and the Ariadne program at high Q^2 - Leif Lonnblad
I present a modification of the Colour Dipole Model for DIS as implemented in Ariadne to better describe events at high Q^2.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades II. A deep optical and near-infrared survey - Leif Festin
The brown dwarf population in the Pleiades cluster has been probed in a deep 850 arcmin2 RIJK survey. The survey is complete to I=21.4 in 76% of the area and to I=20.2 in the remaining 24%. Photometry of 32 previously known members is presented together with 8 new candidates, four of which are below the brown dwarf limit. The faintest one is the lowest mass brown dwarf candidate found hitherto in the Pleiades (I=20.55, 0.04Msun)...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Development Strategies for Pythia version 7 - Leif Lonnblad
This document describes the strategies for the development of the Pythia7 program. Both the internal and external structure of the program is discussed. Some comments on relationship to other software is given as well as some comments on coding conventions and other technical details.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Small-x Effects in W + jets Production at the Tevatron - Leif Lonnblad
The jet structure in events with Drell-Yan-produced W bosons is discussed, and a new model for describing such event is presented. The model is shown to explain recent measurements of the W-jet rapidity correlation and predicts a transverse energy flow at high W rapidities (corresponding to probing small-x partons in one of the incoming protons) higher than conventional parton cascade event generators.
Downloads: 4
[audio]Rock´n roll favorites - Leif Ringborn
Rockn´roll favoriter
Keywords: Musik
Downloads: 18
[audio]Rant5 - Leif Andersen
A 5 minute daily digest of all things tech and cool.
Keywords: Rant; Rant5; Technology; Tech; SciFi
Downloads: 196
[texts]Updating the Historical Sunspot Record - Leif Svalgaard
We review the evidence for the argument that Rudolf Wolf's calibration of the Sunspot Number is likely to be correct and that Max Waldmeier introduced an upwards jump in the sunspot number in 1945. The combined effect of these adjustments suggests that there has been no secular change in the sunspot number since coming out of the Maunder Minimum ~1700.
Downloads: 6
[audio]Teddy Leif - Stepping-Jack Från Arizona - Teddy Leif
78 RPM record GRINDING noises have been reduced by grimriper2u@yahoo.com
Keywords: Big Band; Orchestra
Downloads: 43
[audio]Jukebox Radio Jordbro - Leif Ringborn
Musik att minnas
Keywords: Populär
Downloads: 65
[image]Laulaa rakkaudesta - Leif Lindeman

Downloads: 141
[audio]A problem from the start (lo.key's heavily rendered remix) - Leif Olson
a collage of sorts, folk artifacts for the future
Keywords: remix; dub; bass; glitch; scratch
Downloads: 196
[movies]Leif Svanström Safe Communities Welcome - Leif Svanström
Welcome and invitation to the 2014 East African Regional Safe Communities Conference in Arusha, Tanzania.
Keywords: Leif Svanström; Safe Communities; Africa
Downloads: 2
[audio]'84KUNST radio_ in#3D7F9.wav - leif BRUSH
>> Inauguration of my send-receive FM transmissions via modulated laser- with mono imputs and 2 mixed channel out put- from the treeharps forest network: featuring a 9 ga. galvanized steel strand, Draft Monitor, Terrestrial Whistlers, Signal Discs, and other instruments; all of which included mechanical stepping switches to turn on/off specific Terrain Instruments; in addition, infinity transmitters relayed all mixed-down signals from a modified telephone keypad...
Keywords: infinity; FM transmitters; stepping switches; accelerometers; solar powered preamps; sensors; modulated laser
Downloads: 24
[image]The Year - Leif Strand

Downloads: 83
[audio]Leif Lundvall Radio 88 Sommarprat - Leif Lundvall
Sommarprat Radio 88 Leif Lundvall 2013
Keywords: sommarprat; leif lundvall; radio 88
Downloads: 19
[audio]Leif Lundmar - Maple Leaf Rag-Smiles-The Entertainer's Rag - Leif Lundmar
Compliments of Leif in Sweden.
Keywords: Free; big Band; MP3; 1920s; 78 RPM
Downloads: 39
[image]Leif Garrett - Leif Garrett

Downloads: 5
[audio]Leif Lundmark - Have A Little Heart - Leif Lundmark
Compliments of Leif in Sweden.
Keywords: Free jazzy swing Big Band MP3; 1940s; 78 RPM
Downloads: 46
[audio]windribboning tryon c.1983 - leif BRUSH
>vibrationally energetic and vigorous sampling of windribboning occurs from stiff winds; Shadow sensors (held on metal strand w/beeswax) broke loose from the windribbon interrupting continuity; breaks and other problems to to high winds compelled my periodic intercessions which alternated w/Birch branches and other inserts (starting/stoping recording with abrupt segues, etc) sum: challengingly chaotic
Keywords: windribboning; soundtracks on-the-fly; telesuonohologram; w i n d m i x e d p o e t r y; substitute sounds
Downloads: 25
[image]Laulaa rakkaudesta - Leif Lindeman

Downloads: 176
[texts]Calibration of Sunspot Numbers - Leif Svalgaard
Waldmeier [1971] found a very tight relationship between the F10.7 solar radio flux and the sunspot number and suggested using the flux for an objective calibration of the sunspot number. He suggested that if this relationship changed later on, the sunspot number should be re-calibrated, assuming that the calibration must have drifted with time. I repeat his analysis using data up to the present and it is, indeed, clear that the relationship has changed significantly...
Downloads: 11
[audio]1951 Radio Club of the Air - leif BRUSH
WJBC, Normal Illinois AM radio broadcast written and directed by leif Brush and the cast is announced by Jessica Means at the conclusion of this recording
Keywords: 1951 wire recorded boradcast
Downloads: 46
[image]Full Kontroll - Leif & kompisane

Downloads: 59
[texts]The luminosity function of white dwarfs and M dwarfs, using dark nebulae as opaque outer screens - Leif Festin
By using dark nebulae as opaque outer screens, the luminosity function of white dwarfs and M dwarfs has been studied. High-extinction areas towards the Orion A, Serpens and rho Oph cloud complexes were observed, covering a volume corresponding to 464 pc3 in the solar neighbourhood, complete to Mv=16.5. Foreground stars were selected by VRI photometry and photometric parallaxes. The resulting foreground sample consists of 21 M dwarfs and 7 white dwarfs...
Downloads: 6
[audio]I väntan på brevbäraren - Popbandet Leif
Keywords: Indie
Downloads: 1,417
[movies]The Unctuous Programming Lectures of Leif Andersen - Leif Andersen
I got so fed up reading a particular article of Lifehacker, that I decided to start doing my own programming lectures. These are the lectures I wish I had while I was first learning to program. I try to teach you everything you will need to know to do well in Computer Science, while still teaching you via examples whenever possible.
Downloads: 190
[texts]Datorprogram till ANACONDA - en teknik för textanalys - Leif Robertsson
This report presents a comprehensive description of the computing methods used for testing ANACONDA (Analysis of Concepts by Data processing). Of special importance is the program developed for identification of words in the text with words in the dictionary. In the form of an appendix some background information to the ANACONDA method is given.
Keywords: computer language; program development; word identification; matching procedure
Downloads: 65
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